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… work on this site is suspended–I simply do not have the time for it. However, you can follow my musings at several other locations:

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To my readers during the past three and a half years I want to say thank you. This site has been a great way to express myself, however my workload has drastically increased during the past year, and most of my writing now goes directly to The Phoblographer. The content of this site will be staying until further notice.

A portrait of my wife

Panasonic G1 + Revuenon 50/1.4 + Rokinon flash

When my wife got her new haircut recently, she wanted me to take her picture. I took one with her phone, then decided to get my camera to take a “proper” one. It just so happened that I had the 50mm lens of my Pentax adapted to my G1, so I quickly grabbed the flash. I wanted some shallow d-o-f, so I set the aperture to f2.8. I dialed down the flash intensity and bounced it from the ceiling. This was the first and only shot I took. The b&w conversion was done manually in Lightroom, so as to emphasize the texture in her hair and eyes and the color of her lips, but have the skin in her face look as gentle and even as possible.

Picture | “Good Morning, Little Pink Flower!”

Recently, on the way to kindergarten:

Panasonic G1 + Tokina 135/2.8 PK @ f4


Picture | “On the Playground”

After playing with Ilford Delta 3200 recently, I now finally got around to finish, get processed and scan a roll of Delta 400 that was sitting in my Yashica Electro 35 GT for months. And what can I say … I’m totally hooked. I think my search for my favourite b&w film is over. And what’s more, it seems like Delta 400 and the beautiful f/1.7 lens in my Yashica were made for each other.

Picture | “Auszeit / Taking a break”

At the Café Auszeit, an outdoor café for the city’s students, located next to the main cafeteria, a crow needed a rest. How fitting, since “Auszeit” means “downtime”.

Leica CL + Jupiter-8 50mm f/2 + Kodak Portra 160 (b&w conversion in Lr 3)

It seems I’m in a black-and-white mood recently, even if I’m shooting color film.