Work on efix:photography to be recommenced!

Dear visitors,

I have decided to recommence working on this site! In the near future, I will begin publishing articles again here at efix:photography, although in a different scope than before. New posts will be made irregularly and infrequently at first, but there will be new articles for sure. I have yet to decide on the exact nature of the posts that I will make, so stay tuned. In addition to written articles, I will also recommence to regularly feature my photography on this site, once more.

For the future, I have other things planned as well which are still in the making, possibly including a complete overhaul of this site, its purpose, and its contents. But that is something that will happen even further into the future and has yet to be worked out.

For the time being, I am excited to pick up work on this site again, and hope that I’ll meet some of my previous readers again, as well as welcome new visitors.

News Roundup (Week 29, 2014)

Due to a vacation a huge workload in the past weeks, I didn’t get around to do the weekly news roundup that I promised. So this week’s roundup will also take into account news from the weeks after my previous roundup.

June 26, 2014

Researchers at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, are exploring a chemical iris for smartphone cameras. Read more at Digital Trends

June 28, 2014

During its WWDC Keynote this year, Apple announced the death of iPhoto and Aperture, both of which will be replaced by the new Photos app for iOS and OS X. Read more at Digital Trends

June 30, 2014

Here’s an interesting patent by Canon, showing a Foveon-like five layer sensor with UV and IR sensitivity. Could it revolutionize portrait photography? Read more at Imaging Resource

July 1, 2014

Mr Miyazaki did it again: the new MS-Optical Perar 24mm f/4 for Leica M is hardly larger than a body cap. Read more at Imaging Resource

July 4, 2014

Peak Design has developed a new camera strap called ‘Slide,’ and a new hand strap called ‘Clutch.’ If you ask me, they’re ingenious. Read more at Digital Trends

July 7, 2014

In my last news roundup, I mentioned Sony’s new curved sensor. Here’s the alleged first image taken with it. Read more at Digital Trends

July 8, 2014

Sony thinks you want a smartphone with a front-facing flash, so you can take better ‘selfies.’ Read more at Digital Trends

July 9/10, 2014

Two New York drone operators get arrested for allegedly flying too close to a police chopper. As it turns out, police had no reason to detain them. What does this mean for drone use? Read more at Digital Trends

July 14, 2014

The FAA says realtors may no longer take commercial drone footage of objects they intend to sell. More bad news for drone users? Read more at Digital Trends

July 15, 2014

Photoshop Express can now edit raw files, making it easier than ever to perform simple edits on the go. Read more at Imaging Resource

July 16, 2014

An older video, but still pretty awesome: an Earthrise captured in HD by the Japanese lunar orbiter. Read more at Digital Trends

And in this video, you can learn how the photos of NASA’s lunar orbiter mission have been restored inside an abandoned McDonlad’s. Read more at Imaging Resource

July 17, 2014

Wowzers! Blackmagic significantly cuts the price of its Micro Four Thirds Pocket Cinema Camera. Read more at Digital Trends
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July 18, 2014

Just what the world needed. A toaster that burns your ‘selfie’ on your breakfast toast. Read more at Digital Trends

An epic timelapse/stop motion video of Barcelona, Spain, and how it was made. Read more at Imaging Resource

News Roundup (Week 25, 2014)

Sony's new curved sensor could be a small revolution to photography.

One thing that I decided to do in order to have new content on this site frequently is a weekly roundup of news from the world of photography and technology. Since I’ll be leaving for a week-long vacation tomorrow, this week’s roundup is coming in a bit earlier.

June 16, 2014

Sony has recently presented its new curved sensor technology at a symposium in Hawaii. The technology could mean a huge leap forward in image quality for both digital cameras and smartphones.
Read more at Digital Trends.

“Jennifer in Paradise” was the first-ever color photograph to be “photoshopped.” Here’s the story behind it.
Read more at Imaging Resource.

June 17, 2014

Canon releases a new 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 telephoto zoom lens for its EOS M mirrorless system, but only in some parts of the world.
Read more at The Phoblographer.

DxOMark has tested the sensor of the new Sony A7S, and the results are quite clear. As was to be expected, the A7S is the new king of low light. At lower ISO settings, though, it is being outperformed both by its brethren, the A7 and A7R, as well as the Nikon Df and D800E.
Read more at The Phoblographer.

In order to take great photos, you don’t need expensive high-end gear. The iPhone Photography Awards winners 2014 show that photography is more about a creative vision than the latest and greatest DSLR.
Read more at Digital Trends.

Not that I really care, but this is quite amusing: Kanye West bashes Annie Leibovitz for not photographic his wedding, claims he needed to work four days on one picture to make it look like one of her’s.
Read more at Digital Trends.

June 18, 2014

Adobe announces a couple of new products and updates to its Creative Cloud software suite. Also, the photographers’ deal including Lightroom and Photoshop CC gets extended indefinitely.
Read more at The Phoblographer.

The mystery man behind a series of photobooth portraits spanning three decades from the 1930s to the 1960s has finally been identified.
Read more at Imaging Resource.

Canon has patented a strange camera with a circular array of lenses, and according to the translated patent description it is capable of light field photography and more.
Read more at The Phoblographer.

Amazon finally unveils its first smartphone, the Amazon Fire Phone. Read all about it over at Digital Trends.

Until further notice …

… work on this site is suspended–I simply do not have the time for it. However, you can follow my musings at several other locations:

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To my readers during the past three and a half years I want to say thank you. This site has been a great way to express myself, however my workload has drastically increased during the past year, and most of my writing now goes directly to The Phoblographer. The content of this site will be staying until further notice.

A portrait of my wife

Panasonic G1 + Revuenon 50/1.4 + Rokinon flash

When my wife got her new haircut recently, she wanted me to take her picture. I took one with her phone, then decided to get my camera to take a “proper” one. It just so happened that I had the 50mm lens of my Pentax adapted to my G1, so I quickly grabbed the flash. I wanted some shallow d-o-f, so I set the aperture to f2.8. I dialed down the flash intensity and bounced it from the ceiling. This was the first and only shot I took. The b&w conversion was done manually in Lightroom, so as to emphasize the texture in her hair and eyes and the color of her lips, but have the skin in her face look as gentle and even as possible.