43rumors editor has Noktor 50/0.95

The editor of 43rumors.com writes that he has received his Noktor 50/0.95 lens. He included three sample pictures taken with the lens as well as some iPhone shots showing the lens as well as the setup with his white E-P1. Also, in his pictures you can see that the Noktor lenses have a serial number engraved at the bottom of the front part of the lens barrel, in this case it’s “N0. 0002” – a very early model thusly.

Two pictures behind the cut.

Olympus E-P1 + Noktor 50/0.95 @ f/0.95 | Image courtesy of 43rumors.com

Noktor 50/0.95 "No. 0002" on Olympus E-P1 | Image courtesy of 43rumors.com

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