Picture of the day (May 31st, 2010)

This boules field is part of a recently redesigned area in the same local park near the humanities that has already been featured in some previous pictures. I haven’t yet observed anyone playing boules there.

"Empty boules field" | Leica M8 + Biogon 35/2 @ f/2, 1/180 sec, ISO 160

Processed from RAW in Lightroom 3 beta 2, then merged color and b&w version in Paint.NET. The slight yellow tint in the picture is due to the absence of a UV/IR cut filter in front of the lens*. I hope to receive one soon, though.

* FYI: The Leica M8’s sensor suffers from extended sensitivity to ultraviolet and infrared light, due to a very weak filter in front of the sensor. This can cause color ‘aberrations’ in the resulting pictures. To circumvent this problem, a UV/IR blocking filter is required to be mounted in front of every lens used with the M8.

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  • Hi Felix!
    I just commented on another picture on your blog. Great blog. First visit! And I love the pictures you’ve taken with the M8 and the Zeiss boigon 35/2.0. So much so I think I will have to look into this “Leica” thing. I know they’re not cheap but……….!
    Thanks again for the pics!


    • Hi Chris,

      thanks for cour comment(s), much appreciated!
      As regards the look in the pictures – well, in the end it really boils down to the lenses you’re using. If you like the signature of the Zeiss lenses (contrasty, warm colours, strong subject separation with “3D pop”), you can get that look with any modern T* coated Zeiss lens, whether you use an M-mount camera or a (D)SLR. Buying a Leica on a budget is nice to get introduced to rangefinder photography. But when you want that “Leica look”, you really have to invest in the lenses. I’m currently using Voigtländer lenses, which are decent, but lack any of that magic Zeiss and Leica can provide. Then again, Zeiss lenses are at least 2x as expensive, and Leica lenses often more then 4 or 5x …

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