Summilux-M 35 ASPH. II “BEST 35mm lens made today” says Steve Huff

Finally – or should I say already – Steve Huff has posted his real-world review of the new Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH. lens, the second and improved version of this lens. The main reason for Leica do develop a new version of the legendary 35 ‘lux was that the old version showed considerable focus shift on Leica’s digital bodies, and many users were upset by this. This new version now adds floating elements to the design, which help to improve close-distance focusing and getting rid of focus shift.

In fact, looking at the samples in Steve’s review, it really looks like they could narrow focus shift down to a point where it isn’t visible in real life usage – this excludes taking close-up pictures of rulers at steep angles! :-)

If you’re curious to learn how this lens performs, and see a huge load of pictures showing off the new 35 ‘lux’s great character, head over to Steve’s website and read his review!

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