Leif Engberg’s Leica MP-36 for auction on eBay

Can you believe it? Some people’s impudence is just beyond words! eBay seller photo-arsenal-worldwide have an MP-36 + Summicron 5cm 1:2 lens for auction on eBay, allegedly used by swedish photojournalist Leif Engberg to report on several international conflicts during the last century. An here it comes: For this bashed-up piece of glass and metal, they’re actually asking a whopping US-$ 108,001!

Seriously. I don’t see why anyone would pay that amount of money for a half-century old, bashed and battered camera, just because they say it’s been used by some famous photographer. You’d have to be totally out of your freaking mind.

Link to the eBay auction: http://cgi.ebay.de/Leica-MP-36-old-type-camera-of-famous-photogra-/370426409233?pt=Film_Cameras&hash=item563f227111

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