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As you may be aware, I’ve been developing a love for film recently and been rather negligent towards my M8. Currently, I’m always carrying with me my new Contax T (see Camerapedia for details) loaded with slide film, which at the moment is Fujichrome Velvia 50. I just ran a roll of the now-discontinued Fujichrome Sensia 100 through my Yashica Electro 35 GT, which should return from the lab next week. Today, I purchased a roll of Kodak BW400CN chromogenic black-and-white film which I always wanted to try, as well as a roll of Kodak Elite Chrome 100. The BW400CN is going into the Yashica, and the Elite Chrome will be exposed in the Contax once I’m through that roll of Velvia.

So expect more articles on film in the near future! :-)

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