HOT news!

First, I want to mention that I now have a flickr! account where I will regularly post old and new pictures. Since the scope of this blog is more on general photography info and some selected snippets of my photographic work, I decided to use flickr! as a base to share more of those gazillions (ok, thousands, but still) pictures on my harddisk with a greater audience. You can find my photostream here.

Next up, Noktor are about to release a 50mm f/0.95 lens in M-mount. Yes, you heard right! The same guys (well, not actually since they have been bought by SLR magic) that brought us a rebadged Japanese TV lens for Micro Four Thirds have now developed a completely new lens in Leica M mount that will be a direct competitor to the infamous Noctilus, at a fraction of the price. How coll is that? For more info, check Steve Huff’s website.

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