Some impressions with Velvia 50

I recently shot a roll of Velvia 50 in my Contax T. I knew beforehand that the film is very saturated and very contrasty. What I didn’t know was that Velvia 50 is also very sensitive to correct exposure, as it hasn’t got a lot of margin for error.

As I was neither familiar with that particular emulsion, nor with the behaviour of my Contax T’s light meter in different lighting situations, many shots on that roll turned out underexposed and extremely difficult to scan and salvage.

Still, I’ve got a number of great shots and already bought another roll of Velvia 50, which I will use some time when I feel I’m going to shoot something worthy of its magnificence. For the time being, take a look at my pictures taken with Velvia 50 on flickr.

Click to see all my pictures tagged "fujichrome velvia 50" on flickr

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