Portra 800 & Elite Chrome Extra Color

Finished scanning and processing two more rolls of film — one roll of Portra 800, and one roll of Elite Chrome Extra Color (“EBX”), both shot with the little Contax T.

I originally loaded the Portra 800 to take some low light pictures during theatre rehearsals, but ended up finishing the roll in daylight, which worked pretty well except for having to stop down to f/16 most of the time. I find Portra 800 has very pleasing colours and very nice (read: unobtrusive) grain for such a fast film. Click the image below to see my stuff tagged “kodak portra 800” on flickr.

Contax T + Kodak Portra 800

Kodak Elite Chrome Extra Colour, which is available for 4 € per roll at German “Müller” drugstores, is absolutely lovely in sunlight, but almost unusable in all other conditions. It has very vivid and saturated colours, very low grain and is rather sharp (as far as I can tell from my scans), with very warm colour rendition in sunlight. However, once you get into the shade, the pictures tend to get a strong blue tint, in the worst case makeing then unusable. I gave my best at salvaging those pictures, here is an example that had a very strong blue tint originally:

Contax T + Kodak Elite Chrome Extra Color

It has still got a slight blue tint to it, but it’s far better than the original scan. However, I couldn’t get the colour any better in Lightroom.
On the other hand, when the light is right, you get results like this:

Contax T + Kodak Elite Chrome Extra Color

Click the image above to see my stuff tagged “kodak elite chrome extra color” on flickr.
While I really like the results I get from EBX in sunlight, I don’t find it’s a good allround film. I might use it again if I know I’m going to shoot in warm lighting conditions only, because then it has very nice colour rendering. But for an allround film, I prefer EB3 (the standard Elite Chrome) by far.

Next up: Kodak BW400CN (second try), Fujicolor Pro 400H, Kodak Elite Color 400UC and Fujichrome Velvia 100.

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  • Lm

    Hey ! Nice results there, though yes, EBX is a film best used during summer.

    Anyway, what scanner do you use ?

    • Hi Louis, sorry for my late reply, I only now saw your comment. I am using a Plustek OpticFilm 7400 scanner with SilverFast 6 software. Works fine, delivers sharp images but struggles a bit with slides as to their higher density compared to negative film.

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