Japancamerahunter: Which rangefinder camera?

Bellamy Hunt, the Japan Camera Hunter, wrote a short essay about rangefinder cameras, going through a selection of the options you have when you’re considering to try rangefinder photography.

Bellamy arranged the cameras in three groups: entry-level fixed-lens, intermediate level and (top-level) interchangeable lens rangefinders. A very informative post.


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  • The Zeiss Ikon, once tested by T.O.P.’s Mike Johnston, seems a good and cheaper alternative to a Leica; I was once very tempted to search for one. But then again, my heart would be with a Contax 645… not a rangefinder of course, but I love the look of MF film. Sadly, these now cost even more than a Hassy. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a Mamiya instead. One day.

    Saw that Olympus RC35 in a shop lately, and the guy asked 40€ – I should have gone for it.

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