My photographic christmas wishlist

These days I’ve been thinking a lot about stuff I’d like to treat myself with for christmas. Alas, the budget for new toys roughly equals zero this year. Still, being the gearhead that I am, here’s a list of what I would have Santa bring me :-)

  • M.Zuiko Digital 45mm f/1.8 — Olympus’ latest Micro Four Thirds lens offering, equivalent to a 90mm portrait lens / short tele in 35mm terms. Being raved about by everyone who has it, and generally getting quite favourable reviews. This would complement my Lumix 20/1.7 nicely for a two-lens kit.
  • Voigtländer Nokton 40mm f/1.4 — The fastest 40mm lens for 35mm photography, and conviniently this comes in M-mount. Since its über-fast sibling, the Nokton 35/1.2, is not only two to three times as expensive, but also two to three times as large and heavy, this would make for a nice carry-anywhere 50mm-equivalent available-light lens on my M8.
  • Leica CL 35mm rangefinder camera — the camera that almost killed the M series. Much smaller and lighter than its M siblings, the CL was manufactured by Minolta and features 40, 50 and 90mm framelines. It’s one of the smallest M-mount cameras, has an integrated light meter and would nicely lend itself at being used with the 40mm Nokton. Also, it’s beautiful!
  • Leica M Thumbie — a less expensive and less obtrusive alternative to the Thumbs Up grip by Match Technical. The Thumbie is attached to the back of your Leica M by adhesive tape, and thus keeps the hot shoe free for accessories. It’s also smaller than the Thumbs Up and only half the price.
  • Leather half case for the Leica M8 — there are many varieties of this very useful and very good-looking accessory. I would want one in light brown (“cognac”) with an integrated grip, preferrably the Mr. Zhou version. Protects the camera, makes it look nice and provides grip.

What would you like Santa to bring you for christmas?

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  • Hmmm difficult one.

    First, we don’t really celebrate christmas – we’re Muslims (some 80% of all Malaysians are). Zuleikha has her birthday on the 27th tho, so there is something to celebrate.

    For Mitchie’s birthday (Feb 5th), I’ll probably get her the same M.Zuiko 1.8 45mm you are longing for. I have the 50mm Macro, but together with an adapter that is huge on a Pen camera. Plus the newer 45mm should focus lots faster, so that would be good for her.

    For my own birthday (Feb 18th), I’m not quite sure yet. Mitchie does have the Panasonic Lumix G 1.7 20mm already, and that one would be great. So when I leave the 50mm on my DSLR, I could probably use something like the Oly 17mm or the Panny 14mm for the Pen, that would make a great walkaround combo IMHO.

    Other wishes I have: some more studio flashes (at about 200€ each, these are really affordable now), and also some backgrounds like neutral gray, white, and black. Some light formers for these flashes, like grids, barn doors, strip lights and such. If only I had a room for that 😉

    • The Olympus 17/2.8 is another lens I’d like to try once, they can be had very cheaply from eBay.

      I couldn’t imagine NOT celebrating christmas — irrespective of its religious meaning, it is a traditional holiday and essential part of my personal cultural heritage. A year without christmas would be like taking pictures without a film (or memory card) — you put a lot of effort into it, but there is no gratification in the end 😉

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