Changes ahead!

Dear visitors,

for the past couple of years, the amount of work I put into this site has become gradually less, up to the point where it sat mostly vacant for large amounts of time. This, however, is about to change!

My domain recently migrated to a new server that runs the latest software, which I took as an opportunity to update WordPress and begin working on a number of changes to efix:photography. As a first step, I recategorized all my old articles as “Archived”. The reason for this is that I want to re-start the blog from scratch – including an all-new look and all-new content. All the old stuff will still be accessible, but will soon vanish from the blog’s front page.

The next step will be to choose a new, more modern and more streamlined WordPress theme. Once that is done, I will soon start working on new content for efix:photography. I can’t say yet how frequent I will write and what exactly I will write, but what I have in mind is a genuine photography blog containing interesting bits of news, gear reviews and feature articles.

So stay tuned for an all-new efix:photography very soon!

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