Fall Photography 2012

The beautiful colours of fall are always a reason to head out and take pictures. I’ve been doing so in the past years, and I did so as well this year. While reviewing the Lensbaby Composer Pro and Sweet 35 optic module for The Phoblographer, I also took some pictures of beautiful autumn scenery. The other fall pictures I’ve taken since leaves began turning yellow here in central Germany were shot using my Panasonic G1 and an adapted 50mm f/1.4 Revuenon lens for Pentax K mount. That 50mm is usually my standard lens on my Pentax ME, but it doubles nicely as a short tele / portrait lens on Micro Four Thirds.

You can find my latest fall pictures in my flickr gallery by clicking on the picture below. Thanks for looking!

Panasonic G1 + Auto-Revuenon MC 50/1.4 PK

Picture | “Leaf”

This may well be the last week of summer. Fall is definitely coming. Not only are the leaves beginning to change their colour and fall, but it’s also cold at night and chilly in the morning.

The picture below was taken with the Lensbaby Composer Pro for Micro Four Thirds with Sweet 35 optic, which I am currently reviewing for The Phoblographer. A first impressions post on the lens will be published later this week or as late as early next week.

"Leaf" | Panasonic G1 + Composer Pro w/ Sweet 35