Urban Exploration: “Gunkanjima”, Nagasaki, Japan

Japan based hobby photographer Gakuranman (Tremor16 on dpreview forums) has recently published an article on exploring the deserted “Gunkanjima” island (official name: Hashima (端島)), an ancient mining settlement off the coast of Nagasaki prefecture, which has been abandoned several decades ago. During two short trips to the island, he used the Panasonic GF1 + 7-14mm lens to take several stunning pictures on the out- and inside of the heavily dilapidated infrastructure, once housing several thousand workers and their families.

You can find his article on his website.

If you’d like to have a glimpse at the magic of Eastern Greenland …

… then visiting Per Nicolaisen’s photoblog is a must! His site has just recently been switched to WordPress and features among a daily photoblog also several galleries with pictures of Eastern Greenland’s nature, people and other sights.

A very authentic and personal insight into the world of Eastern Greenland.

“How to See a Photograph” by Clive Minnitt

Another interesting guest article at PhotographyBLOG, this time by UK photographer Clive Minnitt, on the subject of “How to See a Photograph”. He talks (writes) about what makes outstanding pictures of outstanding photographers so outstanding, and how to train yourself to see outstanding motifs for outstanding pictures. One of his credos: “Less is more.”

If you’re interested, you can find the article here.

“How to Photograph Babies” by Jo Hansford

Professional photographer Jo Hansford wrote an essay for PhotographyBLOG, in which she describes how she takes pictures of babies. Where to put the baby? What part of the baby to photograph? What light to use? How to set up your camera? You cand find answers to these and more questions in her article here.