Picture of the day | July 20th, 2011

Me with my new toy, snapping away at myself. If you can tell me what it is from the picture, you win a year’s free subscription to my blog 😉

Me and my new ****** * ;-)

Update: reader GH guessed correctly: it’s a Contax T!

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  • GH

    Looks like a Minox 35:
    Brilliant little camera… I use a Rollei 35 and Olympus XA myself, both similar in concept, and think these compact 35mm cameras make great everyday companions.

    You might try overexposing a little bit to improve contrast. What battery are you using?

    • Close, but not quite! :-) It’s a camera similar in concept, though, and sometimes claimed to be a copy of the Minox 35 (which it really isn’t.)

      I shot this against a blue window, so this is what was left in colour and contrast after substracting the blue tint. This particular camera is rather modern and runs on LR44 cells.

  • GH

    Hmmm, perhaps a Ricoh FF or Kiev 35 AM?

  • GH

    Then it must be a Yashica or Contax – from the shape, it could be a Contax T?

    • Contaxt T, exactly! Congratulations! :-)

      A very lovely little camera I have to say, and that Sonnar lens is just fantastic. I will soon post some more pictures, and maybe even write a short article on the camera.

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