“The Making of a Platinum Print” by Carl Weese (on TOP)

Carl Weese has written a very interesting article about making Platinum/Palladium prints, which was published at The Online Photographer. In his article, he meticulously explains the technique he uses and goes deeply into detail of the whole process, from preparation up to completion. Each step described is also being visualized in an accompanying slide-show, which makes the whole process even more comprehensible. Although personally I’m by no means into the matter of printing, I very much enjoyed reading this article, as it is written so that even the noobiest novice can understand. Also, it makes you grasp how much Carl enjoys his work.

The resulting prints look absolutely fabulous, and you can still (but only until friday, 30th of April 2010!) order one via TOP for $180 (with which you will also help Carl and TOP keep up their great work!) So if you’re interested, grab this opportunity as long as it lasts!

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