Article recap: April 25th, 2011

It’s Easter Monday and there’s not much going on — the kid is playing in the garden, the wife is enjoying the sun, and the in-laws are preparing lunch. So I thought I’d take the opportunity and give you a short update on some interesting articles I found around the interwebs recently.

The New Yorker — “Candid Camera” — by Anthony Lane
An older, seven-page article from 2007, focusing on the history and mystery of the Leica brand and their famous cameras. Very interesting, and a must-read for any Leiac fan.

DC Watch — Fixed-lens compact camera comparison
The guys from DC Watch took the effort to make an in-depth comparison between four current fixed-lens large-sensor compact camera models: The modular Ricoh GXR, the Foveon-equipped Sigma DP1x, the Leica X1 and the just-released Fuji X100. In addition to comparing design, build and specs, there’s also a huge number of identical sample pictures to compare.

ePHOTOzine — How to use a toy camera
The title says it — this article focus on so-called “toy cameras”, explains what defines them, how they work and what you can do with them.

Have fun reading!

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  • Great articles! Especially the “Candid Camera” one. Definitely inspired me to take my M8 out and shoot. I enjoy having the NIK Color and Silver Efex Pro to get near the film look without the film wait… :)

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