Carl Zeiss to introduce CP.2 prime lenses for Micro Four Thirds

According to a press release published only minutes ago, Carl Zeiss are going to introduce their CP.2 line of cine lenses not only in several SLR mounts, but also in Micro Four Thirds mount. This will enable users of current and future HD capable Micro Four Thirds cameras such as the Panasonic GH1 to use these brilliant lenses for videography.

The Zeiss CP.2 cine prime lens lineup. Picture courtesy of Carl Zeiss AG.

The CP.2 “Compact Prime” series is a line of lenses created for cinematography and videography, currently ranging from 18 to 85mm with T-speed ratings between 3.6 and 2.1. The line will be extended by a 50mm/T2.1 macro and a 100mm/T2.1 lens soon.

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